eboard: chess board interface

FICS: Free Internet Chess Server

Known bugs and issues, as of 1.1.1 (if you're on an older version, it is time to upgrade):

Level: serious

  • FICS/Bughouse: eboard is unable to resume an adjourned bughouse match, and will crash when the game is loaded.
    Suggested workaround: have xboard around.
  • FICS/General: using scratch boards while logged in to FICS may lead to random segfaults when starting new games.
    Suggested workaround: avoid using scratch boards while logged in.

Level: annoying

Level: not our fault

  • FICS/General: FICS shows a line for each player that logs in/out and for each game that ends, driving you nuts: you probably connected to FICS with Babaschess and it messed with your variables. Just type set pin 0 and set gin 0 and you're back to normal.

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