eboard: chess board interface

FICS: Free Internet Chess Server

Chess Engines

Chess engines are programs capable of playing a game of chess.

eboard supports the xboard protocol for interface/engine communications, version 2. Most chess engines comply with this protocol, which became the way it is today in an ad hoc way. eboard extends it to send Crafty-specific commands to Crafty and to work with GNU Chess 4.x, which has some idyosyncrasies.

This page is a summary of the engines that have been tested with eboard. Version numbers in parenthesis refer to the version or range of versions actually tested.

Engine License Links Notes
GNU Chess 4 (4.0pl80) GNU GPL ftp.seul.org Out of date.
GNU Chess 5 (5.02) GNU GPL ftp.gnu.org OK.
Crafty (18/19/20) Its own open source license (free to use but restricted) ftp.cis.uab.edu Ok, but its license doesn't qualify as Free Software
(9.1 / 10.0)
GNU GPL sjeng.sourceforge.net Multi-variant engine, plays regular chess, crazyhouse, bughouse(*), suicide, losers and giveaway.
(*) playing bughouse against a local engine is not supported by eboard.

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